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HB 4545 - Tutorial Implementation PLan

Port Arthur ISD's House Bill (HB) 4545 Accelerated Instruction Tutorial Implementation Plan

What is Port Arthur ISD's HB 4545 Implementation Plan (Parent Summary)? Is My Child Eligible for These Tutorials?

Download Plan Summary (English and Spanish)


What is Port Arthur ISD's HB 4545 Implementation Timeline?

Download Timeline


Port Arthur ISD's HB 4545 Tutorial Group Consent Form & QR Code

Note: If you received notification (from the school) of your child's eligibility for HB 4545 Accelerated Instruction Tutorials, please contact your child's teacher for tutorial dates and times. 


Thank you for your continued support!

Dr. Melvin Getwood, Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Kim Vine, Chief Academic Officer

What are HB 4545 Supplemental Accelerated Instruction (AI) Tutorials?


What are HB 4545 Accelerated Learning Committees?