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MHS Students Attend Swearing-In

Thursday, January 5, 2017.  Memorial High School students attended the swearing in ceremony of Honorable Judge Terrence Holmes. 

Mr. Thurman Bartie, a Government Teacher at MHS, was accompanied by 42 students to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Beaumont for the Swearing In Ceremony of The Honorable Judge Terrance L.  Holmes of the Jefferson County Court at Law # 2 held in the Jury Impaneling Room.  The Oath of Office was administered by The Honorable Judge Donald Floyd of The 172nd District Court of Texas. Memorial High School students were afforded the opportunity to be distinguished as "Special Guests" at this  investiture with an attendance of over 300 individuals.  The students were able to network and have photo opportunities with other Jurists, County Commissioners, State Legislators, PAISD Board Members, City Council members from both Port Arthur and Beaumont, and other County and State Elected Officials at the Reception in Judge Holmes' Court Room. 

The remarks from students following this experience were: "...a great networking opportunity, to open doors to College and receive letters of recommendation!" (DreAnna Martin);  "...totally impressed with seeing Government at work in this Country!" (Viet Pham);  "...I learned something new about the Political system, and I see what it takes to become a Judge!" (DeMarcus Williams);  "...a good experience to hear the remarks about Judge Holmes and to set my expectations for College and what I can become!" (Aliyah Warrick);  "...I have never witnessed a Judge being sworn in, so this experience and the environment of power was interesting, gives me hope for my future!" (Hakym Nelson);  "...inspirational, made me think we can actually make a difference!" (Casey Mason);  " gave me more drive knowing that a person growing up in the Projects of New Orleans, attended three HBCU's and is now a Judge, it let's me know that anything is possible no matter where you come from!" (Jaylen Douglas). 

Also assisting with the students on this Field Trip were Ms. Barbara Davis and Mr. David Walls.