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STAAR Redesign

House Bill 3906 established a “multiple choice cap,” meaning that no more than 75% of points on a STAAR test can be based on multiple choice questions. Texas educators are helping design new question types that reflect classroom test questions and allow students more ways to show their understanding. All possible new question types are being field-tested with students to ensure validity before they are incorporated into the redesigned summative tests beginning in Spring 2023.

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Need to find your student's scores? View the following resources:

How to Download Your Your Child's STAAR Results

Understanding Your Child's STAAR Results


STAAR Performance Labels and Policy Definitions



As per the Texas Education Agency and Port Arthur ISD, the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices including but not limited to smartwatches, portable listening or recording devices, cameras or other photographic equipment, or any other electronic device that allows for communication during testing are NOT permitted. Electronic devices must be powered off and turned in to the test administrator to hold until ALL students have completed the test and ALL secure testing materials have been submitted to the campus testing coordinator. Being in possession of any electronic device may result in NOT SCORING the test and disciplinary action will be taken by the campus administration.

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All out of school retesters will be tested at Memorial High School, 3501 S/Sgt Lucian Adams Drive, Port Arthur, 77642. All Out-of-School Retesters will be given online STAAR tests. Students may register by contacting Jael Moody at 409-989-6283 or Testers should report to Memorial High School by 7:15 a.m. Please bring a picture ID.