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Social Workers

School Social Workers - Serving All Campuses in PAISDpeople building a bridge

The Mission of the PAISD School Social Workers Is to provide unique services to students and their families, that will assist with addressing educational, physical, mental, emotional, social and nutritional needs.  In Addition, PAISD School Social Workers encourages a team effort with Family, Student, School and the Community to work together in regards to identifying and assisting with removing barriers that might hinder any student from maximizing his or her educational experience whenever possible.


Our question to you………. How can we help?



PAISD District Social Workers

Priscilla Yowman LMSW, C-SSWS Elementary Social Worker (409) 984-8619
Gabrielle Smith LBSW Secondary Social Worker

(409) 984-4024
Laura Welch LBSW Secondary Social Worker (409) 984-8721


Wheatley School of Early Childhood Programs

Angela Briscoe Social Worker/Family Services Coordinator (409) 984-8768
Marcus Walker Social Worker/Mental Health Coordinator (409) 984-8770
Natasha Youman Social Worker/Disabilities Coordinator (409) 984-8766
Brigitte Mosley Family Service Worker/Transportation Coordinator 984-8750
Maria Castro

Family Service Worker/Parent Family Community Engagement Coordinator

(409) 984-8750 ext. 8873
Barbara Washington Family Service Worker (409) 984-8750 ext. 1234
Julia Watler Family Service Worker (409) 984-8750 ext. 1232
Yessica Cabrera Bilingual Family Service Worker (409) 984-8751
April Flugence Family Service Worker (409) 984-8750 ext. 1236
Anisha Wilson Family Worker (409) 984-8750 ext. 8874
Tynasia Tisino Family Service Worker (409) 984-8750 ext. 1218