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PAISD Police



The Mission of the Port Arthur ISD Police Department is to ensure a safe and secure positive learning environment that is free of crime, violence, or the threat of violence, and to uphold and enforce local, state, and federal laws and regulations without passion or prejudice.

Who We Are

The Port Arthur ISD Police Department was re-established in 2019. The Port Arthur ISD Police Department is comprised of law enforcement and civilian professionals committed to serving the campuses and community through proactive engagements. The men and women of the PAISD Police Department are committed to supporting the district mission by rendering exceptional services were protecting and serving the students, staff, and visitors is priority.

Our Vision

The Port Arthur ISD Police Department will be known as a leader in campus public safety practices, committed to integrity, service and excellence, while supporting the diverse and dynamic campus community's pursuit of academic goals in an environment free of crime and the fear of crime by demonstrating resolve to develop a creative, forward-thinking, effective, and efficient workforce dedicated to raising our level of excellence to meet the challenges of tomorrow.