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Pre-K Instruction Model

According to state law, each school district which has an enrollment of 20 or more limited English proficient students in any language classification in the same grade level district-wide shall offer a bilingual education program for the limited English proficient students in prekindergarten through the elementary grades who speak that language.  Port Arthur ISD offers the Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit Model in Spanish.  In the Early Exit Model, classes are taught in both English and Spanish, with an emphasis on learning English and transitioning to mainstream by third grade, with native language support.

Campuses That Offer Bilingual Programs in Spanish

Campuses Grade(s) Phone Number
Houston Elementary PK-5 (409) 984 - 4800
Lee Elementary PK-5 (409) 984 - 8300
Tyrrell Elementary PK-5 (409) 984 - 4660
Washington Elementary K-2 (409) 984 - 8600
Wheatley Early Childhood Center PK (409) 984 - 8750