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Karla Obregon

Multilingual/Migrant Director

Phone: (409) 989-6255
Fax: (409) 989-6243

Mission Statement

The Multilingual and Migrant Department of the Port Arthur Independent School District is dedicated to providing English Learners, Migrant students and their families with the opportunity to be academically successful.

Our goal is to produce students competent in the English language through the implementation of challenging curriculum and proven teaching strategies directed toward academic, social and emotional skills. We believe these skills to be the cornerstone for shaping students who will become life-long learners and contributing members of a global society.

The Port Arthur Independent School District‘s Bilingual and ESL Programs are designed to provide a consistent and high quality education for culturally and linguistically diverse students. Our focal point is to align the district mission and belief statements with the rules of TAC Chapter 89 and the Commissioner’s Rules §89.BB

Definition of an English Language Learner (EL)

Texas Education Code (TEC) Sec. 29.052. "Student of limited English proficiency" means a student whose primary language is other than English and whose English language skills are such that the student has difficulty performing ordinary classwork in English. The terms LEP and English learners (ELs) are used interchangeably.

Process for Eligibility

In order for a child to be eligible for EL services, the student must have a documented language other than English on the Home Language Survey. Port Arthur schools offering a Bilingual/ESL program must also assess students' oral proficiency in English. The campus-based Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) will recommend the appropriate educational program for each identified student.

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