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COVID-19 Guidelines

Social Distancing

You must maintain at least six feet separation from other individual, whenever possible - especially in common areas.  Use face covering, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness and sanitation at all times.  You are encouraged to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently and avoid grouping in common areas.  These are places where germs may be left and exposure is at its highest.  You are ultimately responsible for your own safety, so feel free to wipe down chairs and tables before sitting in commonly-used areas.

Please use emails, texts and phone calls to minimize in-person contact.  The less contact - the less risk of exposure/transmission of COVID-19.  If you must visit another department, campus or building – please call in advance so preparations can be made to secure conference rooms or other large areas to practice social distancing.

Visitor access to our buildings and campuses will be limited  – so please discourage personal visitors from coming to the district.  With business visitors - limit face to face contact by using technology for zoom meetings, conference calls etc.

Please notify your department leadership if you see anything that may increase risks of exposure. And, if you have questions about this information, feel free to email


Travel Restrictions

All District-related Travel is suspended without prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools, until further notice (i.e. conferences or nonessential meetings).

PERSONAL TRAVEL: As of the date of this memo all employees, currently working, who travel as defined by this memo will be subject to the following requirements:

"Travel" is defined as follows:

  1.  traveling to any location outside of a one hundred (100) mile radius of the employee’s place of residence (excluding traveling to and from PAISD), or

  2.   attending a gathering of more than ten (10) people regardless of the location.

Any employee who engages in Travel shall report their plans to travel (or if already traveling as of the date of this memo, their return plans from travel) to the Department Head. These reports shall be made via phone or e-mail rather than in person to minimize contacts and limit person-to-person exposure.

For anyone engaged in Travel and planning to return to work, you will be required to self-isolate away from work for five (5) days. You will only be allowed to return to work if symptom and fever free as defined by the CDC guidelines. You are required to use vacation, personal leave and any other qualifying leave during this time to be compensated for your normal working hours.

Failure to report travel will be grounds for discipline up to and including termination.