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Titans Basketball Tickets

Tickets will be sold online only. There will be QR codes outside the arena to purchase the tickets through HomeTown Ticketing.

Click Here for Tickets

Ticket links are live now. No cash will be accepted. Buying tickets ahead of time will create a quicker entry. Doors will open 1 hour before game time.

Ticket prices: $10.00 plus convenience fee (Students and Adults). NO Passes will be accepted.

No exit and re-entry of the building by fans.

Fans Enter into the arena at Entrance 2 and will go directly up the stairs and sit on the appropriate side of the Arena.

The Arena has a clear bag policy

The Home team fans will be seated on the same side of the scorer’s table directly behind the benches. 

No one is allowed on the floor except team members, coaches, and approved members of the media. This includes players in uniform, coaches, managers, athletic trainers, and athletic directors. All others will be asked to always remain in the stands. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted on the floor.

We ask that NO hard-soled shoes be permitted on the floor.

Hand-held signs (poster board size or smaller) are the only type permitted. No signs may be suspended or fixed to any part of the facility. No balloons or Confetti

No souvenir items (t-shirts, towels, etc.) may be sold at the facility 

Objects may not be thrown into or out of the stands (balls, towels, etc.).

No outside food may be brought into the facility. Concession stands are located on the 2nd level on both the West and East sides of the Arena.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is tobacco-free. No tobacco use of any kind is permitted on school district property.

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Titans Basketball

2023 UIL Texas Boys State Basketball Championships 2023 Boys BB 5A Reg. 3 & 4

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metal detector flyer

In order to provide a safer, more secure environment at Memorial Stadium, Metal Detectors will be placed at the entrance to the facility.

  • Located at Home and Visitor entrances
  • Bags and purses may be checked
  • Electronics and keys placed in basket
  • If detector beeps, spectator will be scanned with wand

Lets keep our Titan Nation Stadium safe!

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