MARCH 18, 2020
Given the impact of COVID-19, Governor Greg Abbott used his statutory authority as the
governor of Texas under Texas Government Code, ยง418.016 to suspend annual academic
assessment requirements for the remainder of the 2019โ€“2020 school year.
2020 DecemberSTAAR End of Course Retests will be given as follows:
Tuesday, December 8, 2020 English I
Thursday, December 10, 2020 English II
December 8-11, 2020 Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History - To be scheduled


Enrolled students will test on their respective campuses:

  • Memorial High School
  • Memorial 9th Grade Academy
  • Wilson Early College High School
Out of School Retesters:
All out of school retesters will be tested at Memorial High School, 3501 S/Sgt Lucian Adams Drive, Port Arthur, 77642. Out of school retesters should register at  between the following dates:
  • English I and II: TBD
  • Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History: TBD
All Out-of-School Retesters will be given online STAAR tests.
After these dates, students may register by contacting Kathy McEwen at 409-989-6283 or Testers should report to Memorial High School by 7:15 a.m. Please bring a picture ID. 
NOTE: Electronic devices with Internet or photographic capabilities are not allowed in the testing areas, including classrooms, hallways, restrooms, etc. This includes cell phones, IWatches, etc, which will be collected before testing begins. If a student's cell phone is seen or heard after testing begins, his/her test will be voided.
For additional information, please contact Mrs. Jael Moody at 409-989-6283 or