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Board Approves Prevailing Wage Rates
The Prevailing Wage Rates for the Texas Gulf Coast Area have been approved. These rates will be effective beginning March 1, 2016.

In compliance with the Texas Government Code Chapter 2258, the general prevailing rate of per diem wages in the Texas Gulf Coast Area was determined for each craft or type of worker needed and the prevailing rate for legal holiday and overtime work based on survey results of the wages received by classes of works employed on projects of a character similar to the contract work in the school district.  Prevailing rates are to be paid by contractors or subcontractors.


Prevailing Wage Rates - School Construction Trades

Effective – March 1, 2016 through March 1, 2020

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Texas Gulf Coast Areas


Classification Hourly Rate

Asbestos Worker


Bricklayers; Masons




Carpet Layers/Floor Installers


Concrete Finishers


Data Comm I Telecom Installer


Drywall Installers; Ceiling Installers




Elevator Mechanics


Fire Proofing Installer




Heavy Equipment Operators






Laborers, General


Lather I Plasterer


Light Equipment Operators


Metal Building Assemblers




Painters/Wall Covering Installers








Sheet Metal Workers


Sprinkler Fitters


Steel Erector


Terrazzo Workers


Tile Setters





Prevailing Wage Rates Worker Classification Definition Sheet


Asbestos Worker

Worker who removes & disposes of asbestos materials.


Craftsman who works with masonry products, stone, brick, block or any material substituting for those materials & accessories.

Carpenter / Caseworker

Worker who builds wood structures or structures of any material which has replaced wood. Includes rough & finish carpentry, hardware and trim.

Carpet Layer / Floor Installer

Worker who installs carpets and/or floor coverings-vinyl tile.

Concrete Finisher

Worker who floats, trowels and finishes concrete.

Data Comm / Telecom Installer

Worker who installs data/telephone & television cable and associated equipment and accessories.

Drywall / Ceiling Installer

Worker who installs metal framed walls & ceilings, drywall coverings, ceiling grids & ceilings.


Skilled craftsman who installs or repairs electrical wiring & devices. Includes fire alarm systems &HVAC electrical controls.

Elevator Mechanic

Craftsman skilled in the installation & maintenance of elevators.

Fire Proofing Installer

Worker who sprays or applies fire proofing materials.


Worker who installs glass, glazing and glass framing.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Includes, but not limited to, all Cat tractors, all derrick-powered, all power operated cranes, back-hoe, back-filler, power operated shovel, winch truck, all trenching machines.


Worker who applies, sprays or installs insulation.

Iron Worker

Skilled craftsman who erects structural steel framing & installs structural concrete Rebar.

Laborer / Helper

Worker qualified for only unskilled or semi-skilled work. Lifting, carrying materials & tools, hauling, digging, clean-up.

Lather / Plasterer

Worker who installs metal framing & lath. Worker who applies plaster to lathing and installs associated accessories.

Light Equipment Operator

Includes, but not limited to, air compressors, truck crane driver, flex plane, building elevator, form grader, concrete mixer (less than 14cf), conveyer.

Metal Building Assembler

Worker who assembles pre-made metal buildings.


Mechanic specializing in the installation of heavy machinery, conveyance, wrenches, dock levelers, hydraulic lifts & align pumps.

Painter / Wall Covering Installer

Worker who prepares wall surfaces & applies paint and/or wall coverings, tape and bedding.


Trained worker who installs piping systems, chilled water piping & hot water (boiler) piping, pneumatic tubing controls, chillers, boilers & associated mechanical equipment.


Skilled craftsman who installs domestic hot & cold water piping, waste piping, storm system piping, water closets, sinks, urinals, and related work.


Worker who installs roofing materials, Bitumen (asphalt & coal tar) felts, flashings, all types roofing membranes & associated products.

Sheet Metal Worker

Worker who installs sheet metal products. Roof metal, flashings & curbs, ductwork, mechanical equipment and associated metals.

Sprinkler Fitter

Worker who installs fire sprinkler systems & fire protection equipment.

Steel Erector

Worker who erects and dismantles structural steel frames of buildings and other structures

Terrazzo Worker

Craftsman who places & finishes Terrazzo.

Tile Setter

Worker who prepares wall and/or floor surfaces & applies ceramic tiles to these surfaces.

Waterproofer / Caulker

Worker who applies water proofing material to buildings. Products include sealant, caulk, sheet membrane, liquid membranes, sprayed, rolled or brushed.

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This document was developed by PBK Architects, Inc. in strict accordance with the Texas Government Code Chapter 2258.

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