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Bus Routes

Port Arthur ISD's Bus Route Information for the 2021 - 2022 School Year. Inclement weather may cause buses to run a few minutes later than the posted time. Students are required to be at their designated stops 15 minutes before the bus arrives. They must be where the driver can see them. Parents must assume the responsibility for students getting to the bus stop and also their conduct while waiting at the bus stop and riding the bus. STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO WEAR MASKS AT ALL TIMES AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING

General Safety Rules

  1. Students are encouraged to wear a mask at all times and practice social distancing.
  2. Obey the direction of the Bus Driver.  At no time will a student act toward, or address comments to a Bus Driver in a disrespectful manner, or refuse to cooperate.
  3. Board and leave the bus at their designated stops only.
  4. All eligible students must ride their assigned bus.
  5. Do not ask the Bus Driver to ride home on another bus with a friend.
2021-2022 School Bus Schedule