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Message from the Regulatory Compliance Manager

With the end of school coming to a close for summer break, several safety projects are being scheduled for the prevention of accidents within our district. I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Michael Maxwell (Maintenance Carpenter Foreman) and his crew for seeing to it that these safety projects have been completed. Also, a special thanks goes to Mr. Lenny Larson (Maintenance Painter Foreman) and his crew for all the painting projects that have been done. Any other crafts that were involved in cooperation with the Carpenters and the Painters during these projects are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you, have a safe summer!

Mark Rouly

New Pesticide Company on Board

pest control A couple of months ago, PAISD went out for bids for the pesticide extermination services for the district. As of April 15th of this year GuardTech Pest Management has been awarded the contract as our new pesticide company. Same as it has been set up in the past, designated areas are still going to be exterminated on a monthly basis at each campus/building district wide. One new arrangement I have added to the new contract which we didn`t have before is that we will be exterminating the entire campus/building inside and outside perimeter, all portables, auditoriums, gyms, field houses, athletic complex and etc. This service will be done once every quarter. In other words every three months your campus/building will be completely exterminated whether it is needed or not.

I do encourage all campuses to keep doing what you have been doing sending in work orders for pest extermination as needed. As your IPM manager for the district please feel free to contact me regarding any pest issues anytime. I can be reached by e-mail: office number: (409) 989-6168 or by cell number: (409) 460-2146.
In order for the district to continue to be a safe environment for both the students and staff, the Maintenance Department has done several projects and preventative maintenance over the last couple of months. Below are some of the projects that have been done for the safety of PAISD.