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Service Record Information

It is the responsibility of the employee to provide verification of all full- time work experience earned outside of Port Arthur Independent School District. For experience to be considered for the current year salary placement, it must be received in Human Resources no later than you last word day of the school year you were hired.
Acceptable  experience for salary credit purposes:
( Professional and Para-Professional Employees)
must be earned in a public, or private school that is accredited and recognized by the Texas Education Agency
              and / or
(Hourly and Para- Professional Employees) 
provided to Human Resources on the Company's Letterhead with your position, and the start and ending dates with your previous employer.
Please have all service records mailed to:
Shakeith Polk, Human Resources
Port Arthur ISD
4801 9th Avenue
Port Arthur, TX  77642
You may also have your Service Records and Verification of Experience sent by email to Shakeith Polk at
Port Arthur ISD employees that have submitted a resignation:
The Separation of Employment form includes an area that you can request to have your Service Records forwarded.
See the forms under Employee Resources
Previous Port Arthur ISD employees requesting a service record:
Please include your full name at the time of employment, employment date(s), mailing address, date of birth and last four of your social security number.  Email the request to