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School Guidance and Counseling, which is an interactive component of Coordinated School Health (outside source), is implemented by professional school counselors to reduce dropout rates, improve academic performance, and increase participation in postsecondary education.
Elementary Counselors

Adams Elementary
Pamela Thomas


Dequeen Elementary
Marilyn Norris


Dowling Elementary
Karla Floyd


Houston Elementary
Marilyn Marcel


Lee Elementary
Marilyn Thompson


Travis Elementary
Adrienne Lott


Tyrell Elementary
Dana Kimble


Washington Elementary
Angela Vincent



Secondary Counselors

Thomas Jefferson Middle School:
Alice Ellison
Shonda Johnson
Jessica Clark


Abraham Lincoln Middle School:
Jean Babineaux-Bergeron
Tracy Andrus


Memorial 9th Grade Academy: 
Ora Hunter
Darla Mann
LaKendra Mitchell


Memorial High School:
Gloria Hardin
Lady Savoie-Watson
Danielle Sinegal
Marshan Hadley
Joyce Moore
Carmelita Harris-Daniels


CATE/Early College:

Kathleen Fontenot


Wilson Early College High School
Janice Hendrix


Lola  Higgins