Tax Ratification Election 2017 » TRE Initiatives

TRE Initiatives

  1. Pursue salary increases by implementation of new compensation plan to recruit, employ, and retain staff in order to remain competitive
  2. Investigate ways to enhance employer's contribution to employee health insurance expense
    • Current employees are likely to experience an increase in health insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses
  3. Restore annual preventative maintenance expense to the budget
  4. Promote and enhance student success by improving curriculum programs
    • Restore Reading Program (i.e., hiring reading coaches)
    • Expanding bilingual program
    • Increasing participation in the Virtual School Program
  5. Purchase new equipment in auxiliary areas of custodial, maintenance, and transportation
  6. Purchase and/or repair band equipment
  7. Implement rotation cycle to replace fine arts uniforms such as band and choir
  8. Focus on student social services needs with adequate funding for Communities in School, Experience Corps, and the hiring of additional social workers
  9. Reestablish vehicle replacement process based on age and maintenance costs, etc.