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Fine Arts Events

The Fifth Musical Christmas Showcase

Did you miss out on the 2012 Winter Showcase? Not a problem, watch it here!


Featuring the bands and choruses of:
Lucian Adams Elementary DeQueen Elementary
Dick Dowling Elementary Sam Houston Elementary
Robert E. Lee Elementary William B. Travis Elementary
Tyrrell Elementary Booker T. Washington Elementary

Fine Arts Supervisor - Marjorie N. Cole

Program Coordinator - C. Mollyn Cole, 

Booker T. Washington Elementary School Music Director

Videographer - L. D. Ray


Participating School Fine Arts Personnel Principal
Adams Elementary Kyle Leyendecker
Erica Jenkins
Karla Obregon
DeQueen Elementary Josiah Alexander
Renate Clay
Jerry Gloston
Dowling Elementary Donna Williams
Pam Reddin
Gladdie Fowler
Houston Elementary Josiah Alexander
MaKayla Bourque
Melissa Oliva
Lee Elementary Kyle Leyendecker
Renee' Sprayberry
Dr. Risvan Quadri
Travis Elementary Robert Underhill
Kathy Ranka
Ramona Lee, General Principal
Tyrrell Elementary Robert Underhill
Darlene Davis
Emily Moore
Washington Elementary Donna Williams
C. Mollyn Cole
Cynthia Jackson

Special thanks to the following Memorial HS staff:

Theatre Arts Director - Henrietta Haynes

Director of Bands - Trent Johnson

Director of Choirs - Rufus Douresseau

Tech Class

Ushers from MHS Choir, Band, and Drama Club



Smirna Avendano