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Goals & Priorities

1. To demonstrate continued improvement in academic achievement
Success Indicators:

  • To chart progress of campuses on a quarterly basis in order to  review progress of continuous improvement and academic achievement by all students in every academic area
  • Infusion of technology in curriculum, instruction, and administration district-wide
  • Concurrent enrollment and dual credit college enrollment encouraged and monitored
  • Monitor student success on post-secondary options: college entrance data; scholarships; world of work-certification; military
  • Implement a challenging curriculum
  • Innovation, creativity and “hands on” activities encouraged and implemented in our schools.
  • Recruit and retain well qualified staff
  • More accountability in evaluating staff performance


2. To continue to provide positive, safe and respectful learning environments and facilities
Success Indicators:

  • Reduction and/or elimination of negative student social behavior
  • Provide quarterly reports on safety/discipline and attendance statistics
  • Implement crisis safety management training in support of schools
  • Successful implementation of student support programs, co-curricular, and extra- curricular initiatives
  • Personnel management, and implementation of professional growth and development opportunities and measures for accountability for staff
  • Increase in student and teacher average daily attendance
  • Safe school environment, including strong dress code and conduct standards for students
  • Implementation of forums and advisory committees
  • Level of success in facilities management, including renovations, new structures, and maintenance of current facilities
  • Routine reports on progress of the implementation of the curriculum, capital programs, personnel management, and status of budget
  • Continuous and successful implementation of the District’s maintenance and bond programs
  • Degree to which “time-on-task” and protocols are adhered to at all levels
  • Mutual respect expected and demonstrated at all levels, including students, faculty and staff, parents and Board


3. To ensure fiscal stability and accountability through strategic alignment to provide sound stewardship of District financial resources
Success Indicators:

  • Preliminary budget discussion and calendar in January
  • Adoption of balanced budget and maintain budget reserves focused on  student learning
  • Maintain Schools FIRST rating of Above Average


4. To increase and improve community and parental involvement and build positive perceptions and relationships among staff, Board, and community in support of students and their learning
Success Indicators:

  • Continue to utilize multiple opportunities to better communicate with the community, using technology and town hall type meetings
  • Increase parent participation and leadership in District parental groups, including PTA
  • Increase local community and business participation in school programs
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for students
  • Improve effectiveness of staff through team building
  • Communications strategy to promote the best interest of the District
  • More visibility of students working in the community
  • Transparency in District affairs and sharing of information with community
  • Create positive image campaign
  • Provide opportunities for Board/Superintendent training on roles and responsibilities

Adopted October 25, 2012