Visual Arts Scholastic Event

This was the second year MHS has participated in this event.  Our students did a tremendous job creating their art and did an excellent job in their interviews with the judge.  The rating system is 1-4, with 4 being the highest score.  Nga Hoang and Huyen Nguyen both 11th grade students recieved 3's and Alan Artola, a 10th grade student recieved a 4.  All students who recieve 4's are elligible to be judged to go on to state and Alan's art was selected.  Alan is the first MHS student to recieve a 4 and the first MHS student to be selected to go to the STATE VASE competition in April.

Photo 1 - our three winners posing with a "geyser" in the museum's lobby after having taken a tour of the museum's art.

Photo 2 - Alan posing with his artwork

Photo 3 - Far right Alan Artola, Huyen Nguyen, and Nga Hoang

Photo 4 - Sabine Pass State candidate, Judge, Alan Artola
Source: Jacqueline Hamel
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