Region X UIL Choral Solo & Ensemble Competition Abraham Lincoln Middle School

Haley Walker, Sae'veon Moore, and Pamela Vargas received Division I Superior ratings for their solo performances. Arden Leday received a Division II Excellent rating. Sae'veon Moore also was chosen as one of the Outstanding Soloists of the Competition.

Selected 7th and 8th graders came together and competed as an medium ensemble and received a Superior rating.
Congratulations to:
Brown, Corleone,
Edwards, Ashanti
Haynes, Jaren
Johnson, Prince
Leday, Arden
Lawrence, Jazlyn
Moore, Sae'Veon
Robinson, Malik
Rosas, Alisia
Tatmon, Omaron
Vargas, Pamela
Walker, Haley
W'yatt, Q'Wan

Nandria Rocio,
Choir Director
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