EDA State Competition Results

While the judging on Saturday was very hard, Lincoln managed to get on the stage with a 2nd Place win for the Intermediate School Division. The following are the individual ratings:


Aramarie Alaniz                  Excellent in Dramatic Acting and Group Acting, Superior in Group Mime

Corleone Brown                  Excellent in Poetry, Dramatic Acting, and Group Acting

Cynthia Carrillo                   Excellent in Poetry, Prose, Humorous Acting, Group Acting, Superior in Individual Mime

CamRen Guillory-Rainge    Excellent in Dramatic Acting, Prose and Individual Mime

Jalene Guzman                   Excellent in Dramatic Acting, Superior in Group Acting

Ronny Le                              Excellent in Poetry

Leslie Maldonado               Excellent in Prose, Humorous Acting, and Group Acting, Superior in Poetry, Dramatic Acting, Storytelling, Individual Mime and Group Mime

Jancie Marcel                      Excellent in Group Acting, Superior in Group Mime

Miracle Queen                    Excellent in Poetry and Group Acting, Superior in Prose, Storytelling, and Individual Mime

Kelcye Rivers                       Excellent in Individual Mime and Group Acting

Karena Starks                      Excellent in Dramatic Acting, Prose, and Group Acting, Superior in Poetry, Humorous Acting, Storytelling, and Group Mime

Jamya Stevenson                Excellent in Poetry, Storytelling, Individual Mime, and Group Acting, Superior in Prose, Humorous Acting, and Dramatic Acting

America Virgen                   Excellent in Humorous Acting, Superior in Poetry, Prose, Dramatic Acting, Storytelling and Group Acting

The highest scores for the day belonged to:


3rd place    Karena Starks (62 personal points)

2nd place   America Virgen (68 total personal points)

1st place     Leslie Maldonado (72 total personal points)


It is also important to note that Leslie Maldonado is also the only student from ALMS that advanced to the EDA STATE competition in ALL eight events.


CONGRATULATIONS to all participants for a great day of friendly competition. I am so very proud of all the participants that made this school year a “SUPERIOR” one for Lincoln!!                        Mrs. V. Toliver, Sponsor

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