MHS Concert Band Receives Superior on All UIL Levels

Heralded as one of the most challenging concert events across the board is the Sightreading round. During this segment of the competition, the Director is given a minimum amount of time to preview the sheet music before them. He must illuminate dynamic markings, tonal shifts, modulations, changes in tempo & style, and required characteristics, some of which may only be relevant to a certain group of instruments. At the conclusion of the preview & summary period, the Director raises the baton and students play this never-before-seen piece with great proficiency!

Due to the level of difficulty, the UIL Concert & Sightreading Competition is considered to be the 'State Championship' for Choir & Band. Today, for the first time in the history of Fone Artistry in Port Arthur Tx, Memorial High School earned division I ratings across the board!  All three Concert judges awarded the Memorial HS Band a division I rating.  All three Sightreading judges also awarded the Memorial HS Band division I ratings! This honor, conjoined with Superior ratings earned in other UIL Competitions, catapults their award to Sweepstakes level!!!!


Larry Oliver, Jr. - MHS-9 Director, MHS Asst Director

Alex Frazier- MHS Asst Director

Trent Johnson, Director of Bands
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