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Parents of MHS Seniors: Please turn in copies of all of your student’s scholarship award letters to Mrs. Sinegal by May 13, 2016. This information is included in the graduation program. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s counselor.

Attention Parents:

The District was closed on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 due to a break in the City of Port Arthur's water line. The entire District will make up that day on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2016. All students, staff, and administrators are expected to report to work on that day.

We appreciate you and thank you for your support of Port Arthur ISD.

The final week of school is May 30-June 3.

Graduation is Thursday, June 2 and is a FULL DAY OF SCHOOL, EXCEPT FOR SENIORS. The LAST day of school is Friday, June 3 and is a HALF-DAY of school, EXCEPT FOR SENIORS. We will post the bus schedule later this month.

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    Jumpstart K-2 Summer Acceleration Program 2016

    Summer is the perfect time to get ahead!



    JumpStart is a 5-week intensive summer program, designed to strengthen the reading, writing, and mathematics skills of K-2 students (Regular Education/Bilingual Education). JumpStart prepares students to make the most of their abilities and fulfill their potential through a highly individualized and nurturing approach. The instruction, delivered by certified and student-centered personnel and designed to raise the level of preparedness for the next grade, begins at the student’s entry level and
    includes specific research-validated instructional strategies, a smaller classroom setting, enrichment programs, and other services, best suited to meet the student’s needs. Students or program participants are selected by their schools.

    1. Who will be served?
    2. How many students?
    3. What’s the registration process?

    K-2 students in need of accelerated reading/math instruction, as evidenced by the following data sources: EOY Literacy data, Cumulative Math CBA score, Rdg/Math Final Report Card Averages, TELPAS Language Proficiency Level, Teacher/Administrator Observations …
    Total of 90 slots per school – One Example:

    K 1 2 90
    20 20 50

    Schools refer students to program with parental consent.

    4. How will students be served?
    5. How will we support students’ parents?
    1:16 Teacher-Student Ratio, Self-contained or Teaming
    ELAR/Math Curricula w/Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Technology Integration (Classroom/Computer Lab)
    Targeted Small Group Instruction
    Hands-on Activities including Literacy/Math Stations
    Physical/Health Education
    Enrichment Components tied to Weekly Themes/Projects with Guest Speakers for Career Explorations and Educational Excursions
    Student Support Services, including Guidance & Counseling, Character Education, Community Partnerships, Parent Involvement (Trainings/Activities)
    Bus Transportation Provided
    Free Breakfast and Lunch
    6. How will progress be monitored? Pre-test, Daily Mastery Checks, Student Portfolios, Weekly Assessments, Literacy/Math Post-tests, End of Program Survey, Student Profile Sheet
    7. Where will classes be held?

    JumpStart Summer School Sites (Regular Ed/Bilingual)
    DeQueen (Jumpstart K)

    Lee (Jumpstart 2nd Gr)

    Adams (Jumpstart 1st Gr)

    8. When will the summer program start and end? 5 Weeks
    Monday-Thursday only
    Students’ First Day of Class: Monday, June 13th
    Students’ Last Day of Class: Thurs. July 14th (Close-out Ceremony)
    Class begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. daily
    9. Are uniforms required? No
    10. How will “Jumpstart” be staffed? Instructional/Support Staff:
    Summer School Principal/Office Staff assigned to Summer School Site
    Lead Teacher (Jumpstart Program Coordinator)
    Elementary Certified Teachers
    Counselor/CIS (Communities in Schools)
    Special Programs Personnel

    11. How do interested individuals apply?

    *This position is listed with other summer school vacancies. To apply, log into your “Employee Self-Serve” acct. Then click on employment opportunities. Outside applicants should call Kelly Services at 409-989-6157

    Open to Teachers in the District/Outside the District
    Open to Retired Teachers
    Teacher Selection based on Panel Interview, Qualifications, & HR Requirements
    Teachers’ Schedule: 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Mon. – Thurs.
    Daily PLCs (Team Planning Sessions) Required
    JumpStart Staff Development (Required)
    About 16 Classroom Teacher Slots Per Grade Level

    12. What’s a Typical “Jumpstart” Day?

    Sample Only
    Teacher Planning: 7:30-7:55
    Students’ Breakfast: 7:30-7:55
    Student Pick-up/Transition to Class: 7:55-8:00
    Math Instruction (Whole/Small Grp/Math Stations): 8:00-9:30
    Reading/Writing (Whole/Small Grp/Literacy Stations): 9:30-11:30
    Lunch: 11:30-12:00
    Additional Small Grp Instruction/Work Stations: 12:00-1:00
    Special Programs Enrichment Block: 1:00-2:00
    Daily PLC (Teachers’ Team Planning Session): 1:00-2:00
    Daily Wrap-up/Exit Ticket: 2:15-2:30
    Students’ Dismissal: 2:30 & Teachers’ Dismissal: 3:00

    Developing Rockin’ Readers & Mathematicians!
    A Special Thanks to the Port Arthur ISD K-2 Summer School Planning Committee

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  • Port Arthur ISD Turnaround Campus Stakeholder Summary and Survey

    In accordance with TEA guidelines. Port Arthur ISD is required to identify district schools that have been designated as Improvement Required for multiple years. 

    The district is also required to gather input from local stakeholders: students, parents, community members, and business leaders to be used in the creation of campus turnaround plans. 

    The following campuses in PAISD have been designated as Improvement Required for multiple years: 

    • Booker T. Washington Elementary - 3rd Year (Re-configured in 2013-2014 to a PK-2 Campus) 
    • Memorial High School - 2nd Year 

    The district will be collecting stakeholder input with a survey. We value your opinion.

    English Survey

    Encuesta en Español

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  • Head Start/Pre-Kindergarten Round-Up

    Wheatley School of Early Childhood Programs, located at 1100 Jefferson Drive, is holding on going registration for Head Start and pre-kindergarten students, Monday-Friday from 9-3:45 p.m.

    Applications are being accepted for children who will be three years old on/or before September 1, 2016 for all day Head Start/Pre-Kindergarten.

    For more information, please call 984-8750.


    • Proof of 2015 Income (1040 tax return or all W-2’s)
    • Verification for the year 2015 if income applies (TANF, SSI, Social Security, foster care, child support, Medicaid or CHIP card or food stamps)

    Medicaid, Private Insurance and/or Case Number, Tax Return or W-2 Form)

    • Child’s certified birth certificate or hospital certification of birth
    • Updated Immunization Record
    • Child’s Social Security Card
    • Proof of Residency (current utility bill or lease agreement; if you live with someone a signed and notarized letter is needed from the person with whom you live and their proof of residence is also needed) 
    • Parent/Legal Guardian photo ID
    • Child’s health record: form 3 physical examination/assessment (completely filled)
    • Child’s oral health record to be completed and signed by child’s dentist
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  • Board Approves Prevailing Wage Rates

    The Prevailing Wage Rates for the Texas Gulf Coast Area have been approved.  These rates will be effective beginning March 1, 2016.

    In compliance with the Texas Government Code Chapter 2258, the general prevailing rate of per diem wages in the Texas Gulf Coast Area was determined for each craft or type of worker needed and the prevailing rate for legal holiday and overtime work based on survey results of the wages received by classes of works employed on projects of a character similar to the contract work in the school district.  Prevailing rates are to be paid by contractors or subcontractors.

    Prevailing Wage Rates - School Construction Trades

    Effective – March 2, 2016 through March 1, 2019

    CB - 2 of 3

    Texas Gulf Coast Areas


    Classification Hourly Rate

    Asbestos Worker


    Bricklayers; Masons




    Carpet Layers/Floor Installers


    Concrete Finishers


    Data Comm I Telecom Installer


    Drywall Installers; Ceiling Installers




    Elevator Mechanics


    Fire Proofing Installer




    Heavy Equipment Operators






    Laborers, General


    Lather I Plasterer


    Light Equipment Operators


    Metal Building Assemblers




    Painters/Wall Covering Installers








    Sheet Metal Workers


    Sprinkler Fitters


    Steel Erector


    Terrazzo Workers


    Tile Setters





    Prevailing Wage Rates Worker Classification Definition Sheet


    Asbestos Worker

    Worker who removes & disposes of asbestos materials.


    Craftsman who works with masonry products, stone, brick, block or any material substituting for those materials & accessories.

    Carpenter / Caseworker

    Worker who builds wood structures or structures of any material which has replaced wood. Includes rough & finish carpentry, hardware and trim.

    Carpet Layer / Floor Installer

    Worker who installs carpets and/or floor coverings-vinyl tile.

    Concrete Finisher

    Worker who floats, trowels and finishes concrete.

    Data Comm / Telecom Installer

    Worker who installs data/telephone & television cable and associated equipment and accessories.

    Drywall / Ceiling Installer

    Worker who installs metal framed walls & ceilings, drywall coverings, ceiling grids & ceilings.


    Skilled craftsman who installs or repairs electrical wiring & devices. Includes fire alarm systems &HVAC electrical controls.

    Elevator Mechanic

    Craftsman skilled in the installation & maintenance of elevators.

    Fire Proofing Installer

    Worker who sprays or applies fire proofing materials.


    Worker who installs glass, glazing and glass framing.

    Heavy Equipment Operator

    Includes, but not limited to, all Cat tractors, all derrick-powered, all power operated cranes, back-hoe, back-filler, power operated shovel, winch truck, all trenching machines.


    Worker who applies, sprays or installs insulation.

    Iron Worker

    Skilled craftsman who erects structural steel framing & installs structural concrete Rebar.

    Laborer / Helper

    Worker qualified for only unskilled or semi-skilled work. Lifting, carrying materials & tools, hauling, digging, clean-up.

    Lather / Plasterer

    Worker who installs metal framing & lath. Worker who applies plaster to lathing and installs associated accessories.

    Light Equipment Operator

    Includes, but not limited to, air compressors, truck crane driver, flex plane, building elevator, form grader, concrete mixer (less than 14cf), conveyer.

    Metal Building Assembler

    Worker who assembles pre-made metal buildings.


    Mechanic specializing in the installation of heavy machinery, conveyance, wrenches, dock levelers, hydraulic lifts & align pumps.

    Painter / Wall Covering Installer

    Worker who prepares wall surfaces & applies paint and/or wall coverings, tape and bedding.


    Trained worker who installs piping systems, chilled water piping & hot water (boiler) piping, pneumatic tubing controls, chillers, boilers & associated mechanical equipment.


    Skilled craftsman who installs domestic hot & cold water piping, waste piping, storm system piping, water closets, sinks, urinals, and related work.


    Worker who installs roofing materials, Bitumen (asphalt & coal tar) felts, flashings, all types roofing membranes & associated products.

    Sheet Metal Worker

    Worker who installs sheet metal products. Roof metal, flashings & curbs, ductwork, mechanical equipment and associated metals.

    Sprinkler Fitter

    Worker who installs fire sprinkler systems & fire protection equipment.

    Steel Erector

    Worker who erects and dismantles structural steel frames of buildings and other structures

    Terrazzo Worker

    Craftsman who places & finishes Terrazzo.

    Tile Setter

    Worker who prepares wall and/or floor surfaces & applies ceramic tiles to these surfaces.

    Waterproofer / Caulker

    Worker who applies water proofing material to buildings. Products include sealant, caulk, sheet membrane, liquid membranes, sprayed, rolled or brushed.

    CB - 3 of 3



    This document was developed by PBK Architects, Inc. in strict accordance with the Texas Government Code Chapter 2258.

    Click Here to download the Prevailing Wage Rates in PDF

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